Biosculpture nails

Biosculpture is a revolutionary soak-off gel nail system, which lasts on the nails for up to 3 weeks, and is easily soaked off without causing any damage.

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The range of products care for the natural nail health and is a great option for clients who are wanting to grow and look after their nails as it provides protection and allows them to grow strong and healthy underneath the gel. The treatment also doesn’t require any dehydration prior to application or other harmful processes.

I am also able to lengthen, repair and extend using Biosculpture gels while the natural nail stays protected, and I offer a wide range of colours as well as simple nail art and glitters. Biosculpture is a great option for all clients as it is also cruelty free and strictly vegan.


Biosculpture gel overlays

from £28.00

per person

Please note

  • Removal of an old set is at an extra cost.
  • Any nail art or glitters are at an extra cost and are charged per nail.
  • I do not offer Biosculpture nails mobile.
  • The appointment length is between 90 minutes – 120 minutes (depending on desired design, removal of an old set etc.)